Railings Fencing

Architectural Glass, Aluminum + Stainless Steel Railings from Kane Innovations

In today's world, where the unpredictable has become the norm, every component of every building must anticipate how people live, learn, work and play.  Sterling Dula railings are no exception.  They're built to survive the constant hum of human activity in the harshest of environments - from frigid northern winters to sizzling southern summers and everything windy and rainy in between.

At Kane Innovations, our philosophy is simple:  Engineer and fabricate flawless handrail, guardrail and fence systems that stand ready for the unexpected.  Whether you choose one of our standard solutions, or a more innovative, made-to-order design option, the Sterling Dula team will configure a system that assists in creating a breathtakingly beautiful, secure environment, both inside and out.  After all, a structural masterpiece is of little value if its occupants don't feel safe.