Architectural Metal + Glass Building Products from Kane Innovations

Railings + Fencing

Sterling Dula: Railings + Fencing by Kane. In today’s world, where the unpredictable has become the norm, every component of every building must anticipate how people live, learn, work and play. Sterling Dula railings are no exception. They’re built to survive the constant hum of human activity in the harshest of environments – from frigid northern winters, to sizzling southern summers and everything windy and rainy in between.

At Kane Innovations, our philosophy is simple: Engineer and fabricate flawless railing and fence systems that stand ready for the unexpected. Whether you choose one of our standard solutions, or a more innovative, made-to-order design option, the Sterling Dula team will configure a system that assists in creating a breathtakingly beautiful, secure environment, both inside and out. After all, a structural masterpiece is of little value if its occupants don’t feel safe.

Ornamental Metal

Decorative Architectural Metal Panels and Screens from Kane Fabrications

Kane Fabrications: Ornamental Metals by Kane. In the world of Kane, we maintain the belief that aesthetics and distinction should happily co-exist with safety and protection. Kane’s ornamental metal features add an extra touch of polished style to an already spectacular architectural design. Our custom elements are fabricated using aluminum, stainless steel and glass components, resulting in decorative accent systems and mounting solutions that stand the test of time. Grilles, sun shades, canopies, louvers and enclosures are just some of the products we design and manufacture.

Security Screens

Kane Security: Screens by Kane. At Kane Innovations, window safety has always been our primary concern, from initial concept to fabrication. But we also believe that secure window protection should have a pleasant appearance; blending flawlessly with the structure’s exterior to align with the look of the built environment. That’s why we continue to create window protection that mimics the look of cloth window screens, but is comprised entirely of robust metal components and infill options. We invite you to join the thousands of medical facilities, universities, colleges, public schools and public housing developments who have turned to Kane for over a half-century for attractive, safe and innovative window protection that endures over time.


Kane Detention: Protection by Kane. Since the inception of the Kane Detention brand, our mission has been clear: Meet or exceed the standards required by law enforcement and government organizations to help maintain order in challenging environments. In the late 1970s, we revolutionized and reestablished the standard in prison safety products with the installation of never-before-seen woven rod cell fronts at Leavenworth Penitentiary. Since that landmark endeavor, the Kane Detention brand has been entrusted with thousands of installations by the criminal justice community to contain inmates and keep corrections personnel safe with barrier walls, ceilings, cell front doors and tamper-proof equipment. National security offices, jails, courthouses and other institutions that demand the highest levels of protection, rely on Kane’s unmatched reputation and performance record for safer criminal justice environments.